20-02-2018 Lilly and Quando became proud parents of three lovely tortie girls.
31-01-2018 3 Maine Coon kittens born from our Galaxy & Dynamite. One non-poly male and 2 poly females. Unfortunately one of the girls died after a few days.
19-11-2017 TICA show in Asperen with the first Maine Coonvention. Dazzle and Dynamite  both became Champions !
19-06-2017 The first litter of our Nutella and Quando born today. Two boys and one girl.
22-03-2017 5 kittens born from our Lannister at cattery Adia's.
09-03-2017 3 Neva kittens born from our Nikita & Lannister.
08-02-2017 A dream come true 2 Maine Coon kittens born from our Shiloh & Iskander.
25-12-2016 4 kittens born from our Lannister at cattery Eagles Eyes.
04-10-2016 4 Maine Coon kittens born from our Lilly & Dynamite P.
30-09-2016 4 Maine Coon kittens born from our Galaxy P & Waldemaine Armagedon of Cattery DeesCoons.
20-09-2016 Never & McDreamy retired.
22-08-2016 2 Maine Coon kittens born from our Violetta & Iskander
03-06-2016 Siberian kittens born from Nikita & Lannister.
17-04-2016 Nutella is a TICA Champion!!
14-10-2015 Maine Coon Polydactyl kittens born from our Violetta and Amerrykoon P Texas  Retth of cattery RoyalMainlys
02-10-2015 Maine Coon kittens born from our Lilly and Never. See our kitten page.
22-07-2015 Siberian Colorpoint / Neva kittens born!!! Still some kittens available.
13-04-2015 Kittens born from Summer and 'Monster'.
26-02-2015 Kittens born from Galaxy and Never.
14-08-2014 Website under construction. :-)
14-04-2014 Siberian Colorpoint kittens born from Angel and Barsik!
11-04-2014 Kittens of Summer and Diesel are born!
21-01-2014 Arctic Coons El Golfo has been altered.
19-01-2014  Kittens of Gida and Dance born.
05-01-2014 New pictures added.
08-12-2013  We're expecting kittens from Gida and Dance!
22-10-2013 Firedevil's Arizona altered.
12-10-2013 First kittens born from Never at cattery RoyalMainlys.
09-05-2013 Summer and Xanyo have kittens.
02-05-2013 7 Kittens born from Galaxy and Xanyo
25-04-2013 Zava and Barsik have kittens.
19-04-2013 Siberian colorpoint kittens born from Angel and Barsik
29-03-2013 Kittens born from Xanyo and Waldemaine Ciapirissima at cattery RoyalMainlys.
19-03-2013 Kittens born from Arizona and Abigail Istarion at cattery Mabra.
20-01-2013 Our new Siberian Colorpoint male has arrived from Poland.
03-02-2013 New pictures of Barsik.
10-11-2012 Kittens born from El Golfo and Disco at cattery Dissulot's.
10-10-2012 Siberian Colorpoint kittens born from  Bubastis' Queen Amidala and Tomintoul's Big Barsik
29-09-2012 Kittens born from Xanyo and Lotus at cattery Dissulot's
24-09-2012 Galaxy P de Red Land comes to live with us.
21-09-2012 Indiana P. Jones van Siduroy passed away after a series of strokes.
17-09-2012 Siberian Colorpoint kittens born from Siduroy Chilled Zavalinka and Tomintoul's Big Barsik.
12-08-2012 Zava is pregnant. Hopefully we will have Siberian Colorpoint kittens again in september.
21-05-2012 We've welcomed a new Maine Coon girl in our family.Her name is Gida and she is from Hungary.
14-07-2012 Kittens born from Arizona and Scarlett of Eagles Eyes at Cattery Eagles Eyes
24-01-2012 New pictures of our males.
15-01-2012 Xanyo, a blue male is now living with us.
24-12-2011 Kittens born from Mandy and Kyllian
24-11-2011 Kyllian has been neuterd.
05-11-2011 Never is TICA Champion!
17-10-2011 We have a new Siberian Colorpoint male; Tomintoul's Big Barsik.
23-07-2011 Kittens born from Aimee and Arizona.
21-06-2011 Kittens born from Kaylee and Arizona.
13-06-2011 Kittens born from Fay and Arizona.
02-06-2011 Arizona is a daddy again.Kittens born at Cattery TLC Polycoons.
11-05-2011 Kittens born from Mandy and Kyllian.
17-04-2011 El Golfo became a daddy again. See our kittenpage.
03-04-2011 Kaylee is a Champion and Never was BOB
15-03-2011 Introduction of our new boys.
07-03-2011 Arizona is a first time daddy.Kittens born at Cattery Leather and Lace.
01-02-2011 Today we had to have Memory neutered because of an severe uterus inflamation
08-01-2011 New kitten pictures
31-12-2010 This morning Flow passed away in my arms, she died of old age.
10-12-2010 Finaly we have kitten pictures!!!!
12-11-2010 The kittens from P Lady Grey and Kyllian are born.
11-11-2010 The kittens from Aimee and Kyllian are born.
23-10-2010 We expect kittens from both Aimee and Lady Grey next month.
03-10-2010 Zava ; U1,BIV,NOM and best Neva female at the Saint pro Cat show!
08-09-2010 New kitten pictures.
08-09-2010 We have a new young male in our cattery.
09-05-2010 At cattery RoyalMainlys there are 6 kittens born from our Kyllian.
09-04-2010 New pictures of Arizona and El Golfo.
16-03-2010 We have Siberian Colorpoint kittens !!
09-02-2010 The kittens of Fay and Kyllian are born .
01-12-2009  Today Dotta has been neutered.
25-10-2009 Poly Power! Poly information-page added.
27-08-2009 Let me introduce our new boys.
21-11-2008 Jones has retired.
20-11-2008 Our youngsters added
09-10-2008 Now our show-results available
31-08-2008 Finally our other pets on-line.
03-08-2008 The boys moved to their new 'home'.
28-07-2008  We  finally have an active guestbook, feel free to leave a message.
08-07-2008 Site under construction!
11-06-2008 Neva kittens at last, Amy and Snowy have three boys and a girl!!!! See our kitten page.

We have a new furry friend living with us. Butch, a nine months old rescue pup. He came to us by the Dutch Bordeaux Dog Club. He is not a pure bred, but that doesn’t make him less. He is such a sweet guy and finally deserves a good home.

There is always room for one more….

25-03-2007 Today Amy became Best in Show at the Saint Pro Cat show in Houten.