And Justice for All del Clan McFarland
Geboren/Date of Birth:16 August 2015


Grand parents

Gr.grand parents parents

Ultimate Warrior Ingo Slippapper del Clan McFarland

Red classic tabby/white


SC Siduroy Gamgee Dott

Black classic tabby ~ Odd-eyed

Firedevils Arizona of Siduroy
Black classic tabby/white

Paradis Coon's Future Boy

Darkland Charis

Ch.Kaylee Dott van Siduroy
Black classic tabby/white

RW Ch Timaracoon's Lennox  of Siduroy

Royal Mainly's Wottalottadotta of Siduroy

Ch.Silent DeVir Worgensson del Clan McFarland

White ~ Odd-eyed

SC Rhum the Gingercat DVM
Red classic tabby/white
Obluctans della Tribu del Deserto
SP Ob Rem Lira della Tribu del Deserto
SC Roxie Star QueenoftheCoon's
White ~Gold-eyed
SC Csak's Coon Villo
SC Blue Forest Lullaby DSM
Siduroy I'll Have a Blue Christmas


RoyalMainlys Kyllian Blue Eyes of Siduroy

Blue/white ~ Blue-eyed

RoyalMainlys Darth Vader
Black classic tabby/white
Belmicoon Black Sky
Ch RoyalMainlys Vriendinnetje Dollie
Amerrykoon P Elizabeth
Blue classic tabby/white
Liscoonvarna Domingo of Amerrykoon
Amerrykoon Clarissa
Siduroy Witch Hermione Jean Granger

Black tortie/white ~ Odd-eyed

Arctic Coon's El Golfo of Siduroy
Cream classic tabby
Vic of Gentle Lions
Arctic Coon's Ibiza Sunrise
RoyalMainlys Wottalottadotta of Siduroy
Royal Mainly's Pranay Dancer
Gleadom's Polka Dotta
Pedigree Pawpeds