Let's Dance P.

van Siduroy

Geboren/Date of Birth: 6 february 2007


Grand parents

Gr.grand parents

Gr.gr.grand parents



Arctic Coon's El Golfo van RoyalMainlys Siduroy

Cream classic tabby

Vic of Gentle Lions

Blue classic tabby

               Aloa's Tullmoon Crusader           Black classic tabby

 Guldfakse's Little Bear's Moon

Mounteneer's Tuckaway Tullamore

          Honey Moon of Gentle Lions       Black classic tabby

GIC Langstteich's c.c. Top

Ch Langstteich's Tazuma

GIC Arctic Coon's Ibiza Sunrise

Red classic tabby

Ch Mastino Napoletano v/d MC Dynasty   Red classic tabby

Ch Red Heat v/d Maine Coon Dynasty
IC First Kiss of Shadowlands

            IC Glowcoon's Blue Pidgeon           Blue classic torbie

EC Love Hulen's Michigan
Capecoon's Leona



Indian P. Summer  van Siduroy

Red classic tabby/white

Ch.Royal Mainly's Kashka Hearts

van Siduroy

Red classic tabby/white

              Lovelyness Black Purrs            Black RW Willowplace Moonwalker
Lovelyness Midnight Angel
Ch.Gleadom's Pastel Hearts ofRoyal Mainl   Red silver classic tabby/white  GC Gleadom's Lion Heart
Ch Gleadom's Money Dance

Coonemagic Lil'Miss Dolly P.


Blue tortie bicolor

                   Charlemaine P. Finest                Black /white 

Charlemaine Maverick
Charlemaine P.Final Touch

                      Amerrykoon Sadie                      Blue classic torbie

Amerrykoon Petey
Amerrykoon Lillian