Siduroy Kissin'

Dynamite P

Geboren/Date of Birth:19 January 2014


Grand parents

Gr.grand parents parents

  Siduroy Dance with the Devil P Blue

Blue/white Bicolor

Blue eyed

RoyaMainlys Kyllian Blue Eyes of Siduroy

Blue/white Van ~ Blue eyed


Royal Mainly's Darth Vader

Black classic tabby/white

Belmicoon Black Sky

Ch Royal Mainly's Vriendinnetje Dollie

Amerrykoon P Elizabeth

Blue tortie/white

Liscoonvarna Domingo of Amerrykoon

Amerrykoon Clarissa

Siduroy Twinings P Lady Grey

Black silver classic tabby


TLC Polycoon's Butch P. Cassidy
Black silver classic tabby/white

     Janarc Un G Rico P
Diwilik Percy's Queen of Sheba

Miracle Goodnight van Siduroy
Black classic torbie

Bruno-Max zur Waldemaine
     Forestfairy Fay van Siduroy 
Sunshine Gida of Siduroy

Black/white Bicolor

Sunshine Crissy



Russicat's Copyfuzer of Gömöri


Ch. Perfect Cat Ace Ventura
Russicat's Loo-Loo-Coon

IC St.Lászlói Kiara of Sunshine


GEC QGC Csák's Coon Tom of Sunshine
  St.Lászlói Bijou

Sunshine Dia



GIC Lovehulen's Harley Davidson


Lovehulen's Black Pirate

Funny Mae von Hummelwiese

Ch.St.Lászlói Mercedes of Sunshine


IC Summerplace Amarillo of St.Lászlói

Ch.Summerplace Oklahoma of St.Lászlói

Pawpeds pedigree